Creating a luxury home can be achieved with the help of some strategic and well-designed aesthetic touches. Luxury begins with creating a space that is comfortable. This can come in the form of furnishings, decor or lighting features. Choosing the right pieces for your living area comes down to your lifestyle needs and some design experience that can help you bring your vision to life. Let’s look at some luxurious house interior ideas to help you create a space that is truly breathtaking.

1. Create a Focal Point

One of the first things to consider when creating a luxury living room is how you are going to create spaces that are unique. This can be achieved by creating a focal point.

This is an area that draws the eye and becomes a springboard for other decor and design features in the room. A fireplace is a great place to build a focal point. It gives you an area where you can showcase some of your favourite collectibles.

2. Modern Lighting Options

Modern lighting can not only make your space brighter and more inviting but can give your living room the feeling of modern luxury.

Whether you choose recessed lighting that lets you create or enhance focal points within a room or choose something more traditional like a chandelier, updating your lighting gives your space a more luxurious and inviting feel.

3. Accent Walls

A rich luxury living room begins with defining spaces. Unlike focal points, accent walls are complementary to the room’s decor. It creates a space that adds architectural and design elements that reflect your personal style and design inspiration.

An accent wall can be achieved with a bold colour, elegant wallpaper, or artwork. By creating an accent wall, you are creating individual spaces that elevate the look of your space and give you defined areas.

4. Bold Colours

A plain beige wall doesn’t scream luxury. Instead, choose rich, bold colours that also allow you to define the spaces in your home. A bold accent wall, for example, creates a focal point and contrast in your living room. This can be achieved with a bold wallpaper colour too, such as greens, purple, charcoal or gold.

Add a bold-coloured throw or pillows against a soft cream-coloured sofa or chair. Don’t be afraid to try a bold stripe to contrast a muted wall colour. This will not only create impact, but also dimension and height.

5. Incorporate Texture 

Texture not only creates dimension but allows you to add layers of textiles that elevate the look of your living room. A textured rug or accent pillows can make a bold statement against a light-coloured floor or furniture. Texture can also be applied through art with unique layered wall hangings, sculptures, or custom furnishings. Remember that it’s okay to mix textiles and play with layering.

You don’t have to stick to one colour or fabric in order to achieve a finely curated textured look. Baskets, flowers, and other decor items can also add layers of texture and dimension to your room. Let your personal taste inspire you to find unique and texture pieces to complement your luxurious decor.

6. Artistic Decor

One of the best investments you can make is in the arts. Works by up-and-coming artists can often be bought at very reasonable prices that will appreciate over time. Choose pieces that reflect your living room decor.

If you are going for modern luxury, then simple sculptural pieces are a bold way to add artistic flair to your room. Remember, lighting plays a huge role in showcasing your artistic works. Your contractor will be able to help you find the right way to spotlight your collection, giving your space a museum or art gallery quality.

7. Build False Walls

Give the illusion of grandeur and luxury with the addition of false walls. This not only helps you create a new functional space but also makes your home feel bigger.

False walls also provide additional opportunities to showcase your artistic decor or create areas that you can transform with other design features we have mentioned, like a focal point or accent wall.

8. Double-Sided Fireplace

Perfect for luxury lounges, a double-sided fireplace not only helps to keep your home feeling warm and comfortable, but it also creates an elegant living room setting. A double-sided fireplace can break up space and create specific entertainment or relaxing areas. In open-concept homes, this is a functional way to divide up a space, while still having a flow for entertaining and moving around with ease.

9. Glass Walls

For centuries, glass has been the epitome of luxury in the home. From elegant stained-glass windows to more modern glass doors and walls, there is nothing more modern or luxurious than architectural glass. Glass walls allow you to maintain the flow of light throughout your home. It makes your living room feel larger while creating defined spaces within your home.

If you want to create an indoor/outdoor living area within your living room, consider glass walls that can slide or swing open to allow for easy movement from inside to outside. When choosing this particular feature, consider where the sun will be during different times of day, so you can ensure you have the right window protection to avoid too much glare from the sun, which can damage furnishings.

10. Opt for Larger Pieces

Plush, luxurious furnishings are an excellent way to add grandeur to your living space.

Choosing large couches and sofas that let you sink into them, will not only elevate your comfort level but give your room a feeling of luxury and elegance. Pair with textiles, pillows, or thick warm blankets.

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