Silver Hill Home has 5+1 Bedrooms, and 5 Baths in a 3800 sqft space finished in 14 months. 

  • Area: 3800 Sqft
  • Value: $ 4,000,000
  • Exterior: Indiana Limestone, Precast Concrete, Brick
  • Interior: Onyx, Marble, Walnut Floor, and Walls, MDF Sprayed Wall Panel
  • Additional Features: home gym, bar, walnut wine cellar

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The Ground floor features a 13 feet ceiling, fully covered with finished wood paneling. It features a number of 10’x 8’ windows that allow lots of natural light to come in as well as give a view of the beautiful landscaping in the backyard. 

13 feet illuminated Onyx slabs, hand-built stucco mantles, a fully custom-made walnut office as well a Radiant Heated Floor not only make the space appealing but also make it quite comfortable to live in.

The Home features Smart Home with a full Home Automation System that allows the inhabitants to control every feature from their smartphones and wall-mounted iPads throughout the house.