ODIMA Construction offers Markham residents renovation services to build custom homes. We are a construction company that provides luxury and distinction to create a living space of class and excellence. We are Tarion-registered meaning you are ensured coverage under warranty, and our approved builders are licensed and authorized.

We want to help bring residents across Markham their dream custom home. We believe such beauty and magnificence in building your custom home can only be achieved by assembling a committed design and build team, consisting of project and construction managers, interior designers, architects, suppliers, and all other contractors providing full-service custom home solutions.

Custom Built Homes in Markham

ODIMA Construction in Markham works with you every step of the way to ensure the satisfaction guaranteed in your custom-built home. We are thorough in our process and provide astute attention to detail and care from planning to construction to clean-up. We take on all full construction services including land acquisition and development, permit application, renovations, home additions, and more.

We have estimated our custom home projects are completed 20-30% quicker than the average completion time in the industry. Without rushing or skipping steps, we have an efficient, organized custom home-building system to deliver luxury in record time.

Custom Home Builders Markham
Custom Built Homes in Markham

Designing a Custom Home in Markham

You deserve to have your one-of-a-kind home built in Markham. The only way this can happen is with ODIMA Construction’s custom home-building services. Unlike traditional homes that limit your design choices, ODIMA Construction’s flexible custom solutions create versatility for endless possibilities in colour, placement, materials, and more.

With our first-grade materials, quality is never a concern. By our materials requiring less maintenance, improving energy efficacy, suffering from less damage, and ultimately lasting longer, you will save money in the long haul. We love to see Markham homeowners designing a custom home that reflects their unique lifestyle tastes.

Why Choose Us

ODIMA Construction is the most well-versed custom home-building team in Markham. In addition to our 10+ years of experience and involvement in the construction field, we are constantly looking to learn more and better ourselves to further perfect our craft.

We invest in high-quality building materials, the latest technology, and efficient processes to complement one another and achieve effective custom home-building practices. As we continue to accomplish more projects, we gain invaluable knowledge and expertise about what truly makes a luxury home.

Markham custom homes
Custom Home Builders Markham

Contact Custom Home Builders Markham

If you’re in Markham looking to build a custom home, ODIMA Construction’s team of custom home builders requires the elite workmanship you need. A custom home building project is a complex task demanding in-depth prep work and careful detailing. With that in mind, we offer a no-obligation free quote when you call for an on-site consultation.

We invite Markham residents to get to know the team and we will discuss your goals, timeframe, budget, and more so you can survey your options before committing. Call ODIMA Construction today to learn more about our services and we urge you to ask questions and voice any outstanding concerns. We are happy to answer all inquiries and ensure this match is a perfect fit for you to obtain your dream custom home.