ODIMA Construction Group is known for design excellence and friendly customer-oriented service. Being Toronto’s Top Choice Construction Company, we build beautiful custom homes in the most prestigious areas within North York, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Oakville, and more.

We are a Tarion-registered luxury construction company specializing in helping homeowners create magnificent living spaces. As high-end custom home builders, we understand how important it is to exceed your discerning expectations. That’s why we focus on completing your project on time and on budget. We only use the finest materials so you can feel confident knowing that you are getting a truly one-of-a-kind home.  

When you choose ODIMA, you are getting more than just a stunning new home. You are getting an in-house project management team who can take your vision and transform it into reality. We provide full-service custom home solutions from construction managers and interior designers to architects and suppliers. The result is a cohesive and professional team that keeps your project moving forward stress-free. We keep you informed about your building project from day one with regular updates and meetings designed to ensure you are getting the look and feel you want from start to finish. 

Our Advantage

We offer more than just quality custom home building. In today’s housing market, innovation plays a powerful role in providing homeowners with the tools to create beautiful, functional living spaces which suit their and their family’s needs on a daily basis. Because we are convinced that innovative strategies, cutting-edge modern design tools, and powerful technologies are the keys to creating unique, visionary projects, we have made our strive for innovation a defining feature of the foundation our company is built upon. We are committed to innovative architecture, smart storage solutions, modern, responsibly sourced construction materials, and new, modern technologies which make your custom home building process more affordable.

As high-end home builders, we understand that you rely on us to see your project to completion. That’s why we lay out all the details of your custom home build at the very beginning. We review your budget, material needs, and space requirements, so you can feel confident knowing that all the pieces will fall into place without having to worry about trying to coordinate contractors or supplies yourself. We simply take care of everything for you.

This groundwork allows us to provide our customers with a uniquely customize-able process, one-on-one service, comprehensive design, and unparalleled craftsmanship. We strive to redefine what it means to build a home and are dedicated to bringing our vision of quality to life. Allow us to provide you with the best the industry has to offer. Call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation and learn what more we can do for you.


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We are proud to call Canada home. It has been a pleasure to help homeowners across Toronto and the GTA build their dream homes. Many of our clients shared a similar journey as us, finding opportunities and success in this great country. 

ODIMA Construction Group Inc. began in Tehran, Iran. Our founder, Reza, began his home-building journey when he was a young boy in Iran. When his father took over his grandfather’s custom home building business, Reza began to accompany his father to construction sites, where he learned all about the custom home and apartment building process. Upon moving to Canada and graduating from university, Reza started ODIMA Construction Group to continue in his father’s footsteps and carry on his family’s dedication to creating superior quality custom homes.  With every home built, our company’s experience grows and changes, as we continuously strive to incorporate new building methods and technologies into our practice.

After many years of helping our clients build exceptional custom homes, we are pleased to continue this tradition into the future. We continue to find new and innovative ways to build homes that reflect our client’s lifestyles and needs. Our designs are fully customizable so you can enjoy improved space usage, storage, and functionality. Our family is proud to help yours create a space where you can build memories that will last a lifetime.  

Our Process

Building a custom home starts with a vision. We help our clients take their vision and make it a reality. This starts with meetings to discuss your custom needs. We also review all stages of the building process from initial design, to final finishes. 


Technology has never been more advanced when it comes to building new homes. As high-end custom home builders, we have access to the very best in home construction technology and materials. This allows us to build your home at least 20 to 30% percent faster than standard home builders. We have also partnered with the finest trades and craftspeople in the industry, which allows us to get the very best materials and prices for you.


Material prices can fluctuate so it’s important to understand the cost of building a home based on the latest figures. Today, the average price for a home is:

  • New Build: $350 to $450 PSF
  • Home Renovation: $200 PSF
  • Home Addition: $200 to $300 PSF

The ODIMA group stands behind our work. We are not satisfied until you are and complete the final inspection with you by our side so you can be sure you are getting the highest quality results. That’s why it’s so important to work with a Tarion-approved builder. Did you know 60% of construction companies are not Tarion approved? Tarion gives a 7-year warranty on top of our 1-year, fully comprehensive warranty on everything


Over the last years, building duplexes, triplexes, and multi-dwelling units have grown in popularity as an investment opportunity, that comes with greater cash flow, additional tax benefits for owners, potential owner-occupied arrangements, and less risk of full vacancy.

Next Steps

Contact us today to discover why homeowners across the GTA trust ODIMA as their high-end home builders in Toronto. You have likely already seen our work in some of Toronto’s finest neighborhoods including:

  • St Claire and Bathurst 
  • Forest Hill
  • Yorkville
  • Annex
  • Rosedale
  • Davisville
  • Lawrence Park
  • York Mills 
  • Bridle Path
  • Leaside

Don’t let us be the ones to tell you about our quality, instead take a look at what our satisfied clients have to say about us. Our completed modern home building projects are a standing attest to our skills.  We offer a free no-obligation consultation so you can see how your dream home can be made a reality. 

Our satisfied clients are a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, which is why we invest our energy in delivering gorgeous custom home projects instead of marketing. We believe that results show more about who we are and what we do, so we let our work speak for itself.  Allow us to show you the value of quality: contact us today.