Custom Home Builders

Custom Homes – The ODIMA Advantage

Our company was created with a single purpose: to help the modern person build creative, unique, high-standard modern homes. We provide easy, simple strategies for custom home building and focus intensely on the customer’s needs during our process. Our custom homes are built to last: with open concept design, accessibility and functionality- we ensure that your home is comfortable and live-able as well as beautifully designed.

Our process begins with an initial consultation and introductory meeting, wherein you present your ideas to us and we learn more about you, your needs and what you want from your home. We aim to give you the best possible impression of our company, which is why we offer a no obligations consultation and completely transparent budget and estimate for your project. We aim to work with you to find the best possible solutions for your budget and needs, so that your home building project is as hassle-free as possible. Browse through our portfolio for more information.

Why Choose ODIMA Homes?

ODIMA Construction Group Inc. has many years of experience in custom home building within the Greater Toronto Area.  Over the years, we’ve developed long-standing relationships with suppliers, sub-trades and contractors, allowing us to have a reliable and trustworthy team. Our excellent track record stands on it’s own; our experience, technique and approach allows us to create the best possible results for our customers.

The members of our team are assembled and have been handpicked by us over the years. This means we vouch for every single member, guaranteeing the results you’d expect from home builders specializing in the custom home building process. Each and every member of our team treats your home building project like a work of art- not merely finished, but perfected. Together, we ensure that all elements of your project will come together to the highest of standards. Trust us to create a modern masterpiece in custom home building. We offer our services throughout Toronto, and are your top choice for custom home builders in the area.