ODIMA Construction Group was created with a powerful driving purpose: to help the modern person build creative, unique, high-standard modern homes. We focus our resources on understanding our clients’ needs, and our team specializes in providing simple strategies for creating luxury custom homes. Our designs are built to last, with open concept, accessibility and functionality considerations we ensure that your home is comfortable and liveable as well as beautiful and functional.

We offer unparalleled Toronto luxury custom home building and design services that focus on providing modern solutions to our clients’ needs. Our process focuses the skills of the individual components of our teams; we work with architectural teams, designers and general contractors that are hand-picked for their exceptional skills in order to provide you with a design process custom tailored to your needs.

Building Modern Homes in Toronto

The ODIMA Construction Group process for building luxury custom homes starts with the design phase. Our award-winning architects work with you to create a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing space designed for you and your family. We understand the limitations and possibilities of working within the GTA, and our team is knowledgeable of local bylaws and zoning requirements, which takes the pressure off of you.

Our Individual Approach

Building your dream home should not be a difficult experience, which is why we strive to make the most of the process for every customer we work with. Our team eliminates the possibility of stress by providing you with a complete process that is tailored to your unique project. We facilitate the entirety of planning, design, approval, construction management, and the work itself. With ODIMA Construction Group all you need to worry about is what you want your home’s functionality to be, and we will make sure every single aspect of the process is covered.

We have the capacity to offer solutions for a variety of building styles including:

  • Modern/contemporary homes
  • Traditional homes
  • Luxury homes
  • Re-sale homes

Any Style, Any Design

Your home is your own and with the help of our expert architectural design team, you can make it into whatever you want.  Do you want a traditional, brick-and-wood finish that is classy and strong? Do you want a contemporary, steel-and-glass look that is sleek and modern? Whatever your heart desires, our team will help you make it your reality. We can work with limitless combinations of colours, styles, and materials from top-quality suppliers.

Your wish is our command. Our dedication to your ideas is part of what we bring to the table, which is why we foster open communication with all of our clients. Transparency is important to us because it is the best way to stay on the same page and bring your exactly what you want.

Committed to Customer Service

Providing our client with the best possible service is our basic priority, and to that end, we offer a variety of services to broaden our process. For example, we only work with the top suppliers and tradespeople to build your luxury home and we offer complete customization of materials, methods, and interior design.  Our experts are even here to help you with the finishes such as furniture, lighting, and fixtures owing to our company’s one-stop-shop process. Even further, we can help you with construction financing, lot selection, designs and plans and whatever else you need to make your custom home construction project a simple, enjoyable, and coordinated process.

Get In Touch Today

ODIMA Construction Group offers professional, dedicated Toronto custom home building services. Our process is designed to make your project as relaxing as possible, and our work is always done on-time and on-budget.  Feel free to get in touch with our team at 416-839-3433 for your free consultation, or check out our portfolio to see examples of our work. Thank you for choosing ODIMA!