Architectural Design

Our Architectural Design Process

Working with professional architects, interior designers and engineering teams, we provide architectural design services for your custom home design or renovation. ODIMA Homes is dedicated to your complete satisfaction, which is why we offer comprehensive consultations and planning, including plans, elevations, 3-D models and complete architectural drawings to reflect your custom home or renovation ideas. We take your ideas and needs and combine them with our expertise and years of experience, to create a plan that accurately brings to life your wildest dreams.

Our architectural design process is thoroughly adjusted to your needs. We offer complete, customize-able services and elaborate design to help you build your custom home, office, commercial space or other.  Use our skills to make your ideas a reality, whether or not you plan to build now or later.  ODIMA Homes is one of the foremost new home builders who work with skilled architects instead of outsourcing architectural drawings. In this way, we can combine our home building expertise, the skills of the architects and interior designers involved, and your own ideas and contributions. This allows us to make the most our of our resources, and create custom home architectural designs unlike any others.

Why Choose ODIMA?

We believe that the design of any area, commercial or residential custom built residence begins with creativity. At ODIMA Construction Group Inc. we believe that in order to create the ultimate in custom homes, a dialogue between the client, designer, architect and engineer needs to be established.  Creativity is a collaborative process, and we find that the best ideas come to fruition when more and more people are involved.

The design is refined through continuous communication between all involved parties. As the design is created, structural integrity, aesthetic ideas, functionality and budgeting are established and thought through. The client should have the clearest possible idea of the scope and budget of the project, before the finalization of the design.

Our custom home building team has years f experience in architectural design, and we share this expertise with a team of skilled architects and engineers to help you design the perfect home or office. Our approach applies our belief in the collaboration of people, and our ability to work together to create truly beautiful, functional architectural designs.