Kitchen renovation projects cost the most among other categories of home renovation and also appear to be the most rewarding on investment. According to the  Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC), kitchen renovation provides a return on investment of about 75% to 100% when you sell your house. In addition, a kitchen renovation is more than just a return on investment, it is the heart of your home after all, and any update you do is also for your enjoyment and comfort.

But how much does it cost to renovate a kitchen? Odima construction group as a pioneer Custom Home Builder in Toronto will answer this question through this ultimate guide of Kitchen Renovation Cost in Toronto.

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1. Kitchen Renovation Total Cost

2. Kitchen Renovation Cost Breakdown

3. Hiring a Pro

1. Kitchen Renovation Total Cost

Kitchen renovation cost varies a lot based on the size of the space, design and the quality of materials and appliances. So it’s hard to say how much a kitchen renovation will cost. Roughly the average cost is around $30,000 ($15000-$45000). But, if you are going to have a complete overhaul using Custom high-end fabrication, the cost of kitchen renovation can go up to $80,000. You may wonder how much you are better to spend on your kitchen remodeling. Well, we recommend spending 5% to 15% of your home’s value on a kitchen renovation.

Depending on the scale of your remodeling, you can expect to spend different amounts of money. A minor kitchen update can be reached by upgrading one or two appliances, new lighting, new countertops, refinishing cabinets, new tile backsplash and a new coat of paint. While upscale or major kitchen renovation often includes a new island, installing top-of-the-range appliances, custom built cabinets, custom lighting and sometimes changing the layout. Installing new budget cabinets, updating floors, installing good quality counters, and updated appliances could be a mid-range kitchen renovation.

The chart below will show you how the size of your kitchen can affect the total cost of your mid-range kitchen remodeling project. The Average cost of a kitchen renovation is about $195 per square foot.

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2. Kitchen Renovation Cost Breakdown

Any kitchen renovation should be a balance of looks, layout and budget. Detail budgeting in consultation with your contractor will help you to turn your wishes into a sweet reality.

  • Cabinets

As it is shown in the pie diagram, cabinets are by far the biggest expense in a kitchen renovation, if you want to replace them entirely. Generally there are two options of Semi- Custom and Fully Custom. Semi-Custom cabinets are usually veneered and start from $500 per linear feet. Fully Custom cabinets on the other hand are custom made out of MDF sheets and custom painted to client’s needs and starts at around $650 per linear feet. Keep in mind all these are dependent on multiple factors such as, height of the space, type of finishing and so on.

  • Countertops

Cost of a Kitchen Countertop is very much dependent on its type.  There are a lot of different options for countertops and they all vary significantly in cost. From Wood to Stainless Steel to Porcelain and Sheet Stone there are a lot of different options and prices. The Average cost however can be somewhere around $80 per square foot for something you see in a typical kitchen. This cost will include the cost of material as well as the labour cost for installation. 

  • Backsplash

Just like Countertops, there are different backsplash options. You have the option of going with something typical such as porcelain, glass, clay or any other type of tile. Or, something more trendy and high-end like porcelain of natural stone slabs. A common tiled backsplash cost starts at around $15per square foot, whereas for slabs the cost will be similar to the Countertop.

  • Kitchen Flooring

When it is time to choose kitchen flooring, you will face several different materials. Wood flooring costs you $10 to $15 per square foot. By installing laminate or vinyl flooring you can reduce the cost by half. And Porcelain tiles similar to marble starts at around $15.

3. Hiring a Pro

  • Kitchen designer

If you are not happy with your current kitchen layout or need to get ideas for the colors, materials and finishes, we recommend you to consult with a kitchen Designer to find the best style that fits your space. Working with a Designer helps you find the best solution for your needs. We at ODIMA offer design service to our clients.

  • Contractor

Hiring a remodeling contractor is the best way to get the most out of your project and budget. General contractors work closely with electricians, plumbers, carpenters and also architects and designers in a team and can oversee the whole project. This will help you have a more efficient and hassle free project. For a consultation please contact us.

The Bottom Line

The Cost of a kitchen Renovation depends on your requirements and the quality of material and appliances you use. Therefore it is important for you to be clear about what you need and what you want in your kitchen. If you do not have clear priorities, the cost can go up significantly. So this is vital to have good communication with your contractor about all of these. But any budget you have set, remember to account for a 20% to 25% contingency to handle unexpected costs like mold due to a leak or plumbing issues. Also sign up for uber-eats, while your kitchen is being renovated!

If you are going to upgrade your kitchen, Contact Us at Odima construction group with years of experience and hundreds of renovation ideas, and get more precise information about the Design, cost and budgeting of your renovation project.

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