Why Expand My Home?

Anyone interested in the potential surrounding a home addition will no doubt understand the wide array of possibilities at their fingertips. The complication, however, is that in the excitement of exploring the various hypotheticals one key question in the decision-making process can be easily overlooked. What will additions to your home provide you with the most impactful benefit to your day to day life? Here we would like to offer you some home addition ideas that you may enjoy, as well as highlight the current value in expanding your home in general.

With the cost of housing, particularly in an urban environment, an ever-expanding whirlwind of high pricing, it is becoming a far more plausible solution for someone to improve their current home rather than looking to move altogether. As well as providing a potentially cost-effective alternative to an issue facing a number of Canadians, this also allows for families to improve and expand their home in order to meet their own growing needs without having to relocate.

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Family Room

One example of a beneficial home addition would be to provide your loved ones, and yourself, with an inviting and comfortable family room. Every family needs a common area that’s sole purpose is to be shared by everyone. A welcoming family room space will allow your loved ones to connect more freely and spend their precious recreational time together as opposed to in their own separate corners of the house. This home addition will give you a casual space that can bring everyone together to relax and enjoy each other’s company.


Any investment put into the home addition of a sunroom will inevitably be repaid in hours of quiet relaxation spent in the summer, spring, and autumn sun. A sunroom is an ideal space for the comforts of a well lit afternoon escape or an inviting home workspace. The use of this room can be left entirely up to you, and it can be suited to fit your own unique needs. This is a versatile area that can add a relaxing or a productive element to the house, while you bask in the sunshine from the comfort of your own home.

Second Floor

One of the larger projects, but in many ways, the most impactful, the addition of a second floor allows for your home to increase in size without the necessity of ample space already available on your property, or without the need to sacrifice your backyard. This possibility allows for homeowners to make the most of a limited space. First floor expansion can quickly consume valuable property and congest your property, so why not consider the potential that lies above your head? The addition of a second floor can provide you with the space that you need in your everyday life, without requiring you to sacrifice your own backyard.


Chef’s Kitchen

Anyone looking to explore their culinary horizons, and expand on the potential of their own cooking talents will undoubtedly be tempted towards owning their very own chef’s kitchen. A home addition idea that would make even the finest culinary talents in the world water at the mouth, the chef’s kitchen would be an indispensable asset to any cooking enthusiast; expert or beginner. A specially designed cooking space is exactly what everyone needs to bring a little flavour to their lives.


How We Can Help

If any of our suggestions, or one of your own ideas, have got you wondering about the possibility of expanding your home we would be delighted to help you in any way we can. Contact us at (416)-839-3433 or info@odimaconstruction.ca to book a consultation or to speak to an experienced and dedicated professional.

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