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Can’t Afford to Buy a House? Build One!

Recent studies have shown that house prices in Ontario are expected to increase over the next few years. For example, the average price for detached homes sold in Toronto this last July topped at $1.35 million, and this number is likely to double in the near future. Furthermore, another report explains that house prices in the GTA are unlikely to drop anytime soon; rather, they seem to be on the rise. Continue reading

Should You Remodel or Rebuild Your House?

As our homes age, they naturally start to deteriorate. They may need a fix here or there, but sometimes you need to employ a full makeover to combat the signs of age. In terms of home improvement, the most common techniques to reverse the effects of time are home remodeling and home rebuilding. Many homeowners have the same question: which one is right for me? Continue reading

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Custom Home in Toronto?

Browsing for houses is a simple click away, but landing your dream home is not. If you are thinking of buying a house, you know that there is a wide array of features and criteria to keep in mind such as location, layout, size, and, most importantly, price. Although buying a house is a huge investment, for anyone wishing to land the home of their dreams, a good place to start is learning about available options. Continue reading

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Four Ideas for Your Home Additions

Why Expand My Home?

Anyone interested in the potential surrounding a home addition will no doubt understand the wide array of possibilities at their fingertips. The complication, however, is that in the excitement of exploring the various hypotheticals one key question in the decision-making process can be easily overlooked. What will additions to your home provide you with the most impactful benefit to your day to day life? Here we would like to offer you some home addition ideas that you may enjoy, as well as highlight the current value in expanding your home in general. Continue reading

Architectural Drawings 101

What Are Architectural Drawings?

A well thought out plan avoids schedule hangups, budget problems, and safety concerns, meaning the design stage of construction work is one of the most important parts of the project.  Experienced home builders are experts at early stage communication and planning, offering in-depth 3D models and detailed architectural drawings to guide their team and inform their clients. But what are architectural drawings, and how are you supposed to understand them? The answer to that question is simpler then it seems, and begins with distinguishing the purpose of the most common types. Continue reading